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In interpret flower is easy 11 when make mistake classical sentences
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In giving lessons with audition spoken language in long-term oral interpretation, I discover, in the process of difficulty Han Yiying, often meet interpreter of ” of English of occurrence “ Chinese style, namely so called Chinglish, for instance classmate of “ of “ foundation construction is to be translated into “basic Construction ” directly, should be fixed view “infrastructure” actually. Again for instance ” of “ tea tree, “ fruiter ” English is become to often omit constantly in the interpreter Tree, because these word itself include “ to cultivate the meaning of ” , if Orange(orange cultivates) , banana(banana is cultivated) etc. And if say “ is off-season,” should be “slack Seasons” , is not assume sth as a matter of course“Light Seasons” , “ is for instance weak tea ”(weak Tea) , ”(fresh Water) of “ fresh water. Be the same as for instance again learn most in a few has Chinese distinguishing feature abnormal vocabularies that be afraid of, the basiccest “ ” of the first industry is “the Primary Industry” , ” of “ secondary industry is “the Secondary Industry” , but ” of “ tertiary industy is not “the Third Industry” , however “the Tertiary Industry” . Actually Tertiary and Third are synonymous, it is “ the meaning of the 3rd ” , such using is established by usage only. Additional, ” of “ tertiary industy still can say The Service Industry, because tertiary industy basically is,point to service line of business.
Memory I go at that time Australia when, that master Diana that I stay in takes me to go to Sydney famous Blue Mountain travels, when have a meal we talk about the food that just differs to a lot of things, my respecting China's delicate Dumpling(dumpling) with) of Bean Curd(bean curd, but the appearance of water of a mist does not understand Diana completely it seems that, my heart thinks is it possible that vocabulary of the foreigner in fokelore is little be a fact, doesn't she know these two words? The supermarket that went to place later is bought when feeding capable person, I just discover, foreign person has the to dumpling and bean curd view of established by usage early, it is Ravioli(dumpling respectively, come from Italian) with Tofu(bean curd, come from Japanese) , perhaps say to the foreigner they know Jiaozi basically also directly now actually, the Chinese city that is in abroad this too general. Introduce a series of classmates to always translate wrong classical sentence to everybody again:

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