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Interest of French spoken language talks
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The French likes to use idiomatic phrase very much, be equivalent to our idiom. Haply of French spoken language has the branch of normative language, common language and cant; Former use at calibration type situation and general situation; Between family of both be confined to and friend; Latter includes student diction and the slang that arise between the industry each.
Just came when France, listen to a French to speak to often be like object in thick fog, not know what is said; Listen slowly much, him farewell home is checked consult a dictionary, also listen to meaning giving a point to come unexpectedly, know to cite a few case with respect to place only now, include among them as above 3 kinds of spoken language.
The French is in charge of traffic light to call ' fire ' : ' of green fire of ' prosperous ' , ' ; Drive entered red light, saying is ' burned flourishing ' , seeming is to say anxious get angry is entered went; Giving something to put permission to go ahead with some project is ' gives a green fire ' .
Play guess confuse game, guess do not come out, he can say ' I give feline ' my tongue, abandon hard namely; But if he asks you otherwise wants ' of ' cat tongue, fasten misunderstanding to think he had inspiration, because that is small biscuit of shape of a kind of tongue only. Our Chinese says to the tiger is not had in ' hill, the monkey calls king ' , the French says more popularly: ' cat be absent, mouse dances in the home ' ; To be cold must quiver outside, they say ' day so cold that follow a duck like ' .
' of tongue of the ' in French and ' language ' are a word, say to think carefully after that of character, they want your ' to turn the tongue in the mouth enough say ' again; Our Chinese says a thing does not work is ' fizzled out ' , they say a thing when doing, say ' this thing became blue quickly ' , but the ' that if say ' ,this hearsay is blue, that affirmation is tall story.
Chinese culture is in French eye enigmatical, what thing once they play not to turn or it is not clear to do, regular meeting says this is the China with nerve-racking ' plays art ' , all understanding not flat say ' this is Chinese ' .
The French is said by the meeting when the person is complimentary my ankle bloat came to ' ' , you must not suggest he goes seeing a doctor, he just is in modest, similar ' dare be not become ' or ' overpraise ' .
If ankle character reputation returns right word, the foot can be short for Weihe River of short for the Jinghe River is not divided, say someone ' hurt my crural ' , that is to say that person very be fed up with; And if someone says ' cheerfully,this is a foot! ' , his meaning was equivalent to the ' of Beijing word was not being treated! '   is additional: There is ant ' on ' leg is pins and needles saying a leg; ' my eye! ' : Who is believed? ! ' puts in my nose ' : Have a look well; ' arrives from the mouth ear ' : Pass 10, 10 pass 100.
The family of by marriage generation concerns, french is uniform before the female the ' with the beautiful ' on the coronal, add the ' with brilliant ' before the male. Husband's father and mother turns ' into brilliant father ' , ' as farther-in-law mother beautiful mother ' ; If elder brother's wife and little father's younger brother became ' with great aunt, little one's mother's sister and wife's elder brother, uncle beautiful sister ' and ' are brilliant brotherly ' . If someone says his elder brother and his beautiful little sister will hold wedding, you need not be them whether directly-related members of one's family -parents and anxious, the little sister of the elder brother that is him likely very and his wife (or the little sister with his half-blooded wife) marry. The advantage of this kind of appellation is simple save trouble and sound pleasing to the ear, imagine you weigh a mother-in-law or stepmother is ' of ' beautiful mother, how must be she also greeted to photograph of your smiling face. By the way, like be the same as other and Euramerican country, the French is present appellation breathes out continuously commonly its name, brilliant ' of ' beautiful '' is restricted of what to be used at speaking to a third party only.
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