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About " eat " fun
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This I want to talk about a bit more relaxed topic with everybody, namely individual place collects a few fun that have ” about “ . Eating habit is over not only can reflect the character that gives a nation, still can make a lot of interesting topics. You can be envisaged meet gallinaceous claw when old beauty, what kind of occasion is when meaning of little stupid continuous heavy rain explicit United States takes cool side? Ask everybody to help little stupid continuous heavy rain be recollected, about eating fun.

1.I Like The Chicken, but There Are Too Many Bones In It.
My pretty likes this chicken, it is bone bit more.

Probably after somebody can feel small to stupid continuous heavy rain comes to the United States, not be beefsteak certainly all the day it is hamburger potato. Actually the have everything that one expects to find of Chinese city Chinatown of Atlanta, want what buy in Taiwan only, also have likely here supply. Do you think the grandma that drink precious? Sure, chinatown is bought have. Want to have Ke young simmer in water? Sure, still buy to Chinatown have. Even in Taiwan quite welcome harbor type drinks tea here also has, it calls old good name) of mug-up of Dim Sum (. Although the style is bit less, but the suffering that also can talk about solution to consider country however.

The word says once roommate of my baby United States runs to eat Dim Sum. After coming back, I ask his happy event does not like. He said, "I Like The Chicken, but There Are Too Many Bones In It. But There Are Too Many Bones In It.. I listen to understand immediately, tell him, "You Know What? That's Chicken Feet. That's Chicken Feet.. (Do you know? That is ” of “ phoenix claw. ) see him that expression of deputy be frighted, early know to still be inferior to telling him.

2.Do You Know What "noodle Salad" Is?
Do you know what is ” of “ noodle salad?

There is a peculiar appearance in the United States, it is old in the most of Chinese meal house that leave is old in eating, but the Chinese meal house that also old beauty leaves, but however mostly old beauty is eating. Basically be the ” of “ China dish that likes because of old beautiful place basically is compared sweet, the taste that follows general Chinese is not very picture. The word says once I go to the Chinese meal shop that an old beauty opens, "Noodle House" this inn is the cooked wheaten food that selling an Asia technically taste. But on menu most those who draw my look is appetizing dish (Appetizer) that one column, have a Noodle Salad, I am really very good strange, is noodle OK also consummate salad? Then I nodded Noodle Salad to eat immediately look. When dish go up desk, this issues little stupid continuous heavy rain just suddenly be enlightened, original Noodle Salad is the “ that we often eat cool surface ” , be too interesting really, so you know now, be in the United States to also can take cool side, it is the name that they took a very foreign taste only: Noodle Salad.
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