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The prattle of two interpreters
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Like-minded A and Z, undergraduate course of a Russian graduates, another is graduation of English interpreter graduate student, two people are the work of oral interpretation written translation that did the left and right sides 10 years. The text that teachs in Wen Bin seeing a way " the interpreter can not be smooth those who connect a foreign language to be become " , caused prattle one time.

A: From this article, the fury that can find road professor can be made scarcely. A lot of interpreters do not love to consult a dictionary too now.

Z: Knowledge has range, it is common sense to certain person, it is to additionally a few people very the knowledge that slant. The person name that exemple of this article place chooses do you know case?

A: I know blessing Lou Bai and the name of madam of the benefit that include a method only, but the novel also had not looked. Such wrong interpreter is very much really recently nevertheless, the about France article of an E Yihan sees before long before me, unexpectedly Louie 16 interpreters became Luduoweika 16.

Z: Actually also no wonder interpreter, the likelihood is the time that gives a translation too little, it is not easy to can come out text interpreter can come out text interpreter, have not enough time textual research someone else renown. The pronunciation of translated term of a lot of Chinese and English differs too far.

A: But this kind of circumstance wants comply with the habitual translated term of original course, can affect the research of relevant course otherwise. These translated term are translated during last century 30-69 time, a lot of people already be accustomed to sth, the comparison that translates the name at that time is short, compare China to change, for instance Hao Saijia.

Z: Now Si Jiali · abstruse Saijia of haing rabbi Hao is much more commonly used. Especially continuation " Si Jiali " after going out, the more that uses Si Jiali.

A: I do an interpreter directly after graduation, what learn theoretically is not much, it is the most important that I think to let both sides is communicated clear, because this must let this language,accord with the habit of the other side.

Z: We are very much the classmate does not do an interpreter, because learn to translate theory, you know same a word can use a variety of interpreter methods, did not know how to should be translated, so a lot of people do not do an interpreter, unless the job coerces he is translated in great quantities, blurred theory, just go. The good translation in practice does not know theory for certain, so they do not have a law to comment the interpreter stand or fall of others. And it is good that the interpreter can let you know this theoretically where be, how the translation is better, but they do not have a law to start work commonly interpreter, the thing that the interpreter comes out also does not have a law to look.

A: How do you see oral interpretation process in, does others break the issue that find fault? Thesis of education of an oral interpretation sees before long before me, thinking to find fault to others oral interpretation is ungracious behavior, came up against with respect to ignore.
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