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School of Dalian intercontinental foreign language
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Foreign language of Dalian Zhongshan intercontinental grooms the school is founded 2001, it is classics Zhongshan area teachs appoint a when approval holds water omnibus groom the school, collect foreign language grooms, skill grooms, education of record of formal schooling, go abroad study abroad for an organic whole, the school acts on “ quality the first, credit is consummate, serve the managerial purpose of social ” , introduce newest schoolteaching teaching material, course installs agile diversity, invite teacher of a batch of colleges to reach at the same time abroad study abroad the returning teacher that has rich teaching experience teachs, adopt the bottom class in a kindergarten to give lessons, no matter be,go up from dimensions, on quality, or on actual strength, on public praise, already fashioned good brand image now socially.

The foreign language grooms: English, Japanese, Han Yu, French;

Skill grooms: Content sheds secretary of management, commerce, international commerce secretary,
Operator of business affairs of division of international freight representative, international;

Education of record of formal schooling: Chinese geological university (record of formal schooling of three-year institution of higher learning, undergraduate course) ;
Institute of Beijing international business affairs (record of formal schooling of three-year institution of higher learning, undergraduate course) ;

Go abroad study abroad: Tokyo utterance teachs a college;

Choose intercontinental, you chose successful route!

Managerial concept: Get used to the need of market economy, education accords with new century
Of the requirement compound model, practical model talent of modern foreign language.

Managerial characteristic: The bottom class in a kindergarten gives lessons the study space that makes every student has him.

Managerial purpose: Raise a foreign language to use capacity spoken language, actually in the round, bold say a foreign language, show gives yourself.

Education means: Renown division gives directions, rigorous management, teach students in accordance of their aptitude.

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