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School of world rich foreign language
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School of world rich foreign language only then built 2001, it is an internationalization school of large foreign language, hold to the environment with best “ from beginning to end, first-rate price, first-class service, final service, gain your satisfaction finally. ” is managerial tenet, beg with education quality live, hurried develops, with sincere recruit students, in order to believe Yo person, everything is student consider, produced very far-reaching effect socially. My school is a man of insight, the trend illumes successfully a bright lamp. In old managerial practice, member of “ of school original creation makes ” overflow study pattern, formed what have distinguishing feature alone to handle case of style of study. My officer serves with top-ranking education environment, top-ranking course setting, top-ranking education, for the society education goes those who be badly in need of is compound model talent.

This school is in respect of persons qualified to teach: Have a stability, efficient, high grade in young teacher team, outside having those who come from the country of English mother tongue such as the United States, England, Canada, teach. Their education is seasoned, teaching method is masterly, tuitional and vivid, education is rigorous, get student reputably. The school carries strict interview, try tell, the mount guard after the assessment that pursue course, do education to the effect is investigated and be evaluated regularly, according to student feedback opinion, undertake good communication in time with the teacher, make proper adjustment, ensure education quality of Gao Shuiping.

Education environment respect: The school decorates top-ranking education environment, the speech education equipment with advanced international, wake your ear up; Full automatic supervisory equipment, assure you attend class order; Big screen high-quality goods admires analyse room, challenge limit of your seeing and hearing; Complete outside teach individual character to coach, at any time   of ENGLISH of   of YOUR of everywhere ENJOY   !

Education runs a side: Execute personal computer management, the sun from enter a school rises, build reading student education circumstance to dog archives; Listen to the student feedback to education quality regularly, of protocol of the place before the actual condition of integrated and all student revises a tax in time teach law and teaching plan; Be aimed at the oneself circumstance of exceptional student, the school can undertake training individually to its, make individual study plan for its.

Had gone 3 years, compose of world rich foreign language the contemporary legend of on 10 thousand learner, had gone 3 years, what general of world rich foreign language wrote generation undergraduate is triumphal hand in noisy, had gone 3 years, what world rich foreign language created China to teach a career is brilliant!

From east of wave of tide going abroad, take a bank to homecoming billow backwash; Groom from the exam have pupils everywhere, to English educational fame alls over China, the innumberable families love the dream of the destiny and life pour into is alive rich foreign language, rosy clouds rising, arrogance lofty or bottomless. Life turns in loop of destiny turn peak, youth blooms in road of successful high speed in full bloom, this is -- world rich foreign language!
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