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University of Beijing foreign language is in early 5, 60 time hold count advanced interpreter class. Sufferred the commission of our country government and U.N. headquarters 1979, established U.N. dragoman to train a ministry, develop simultaneous interpretation and written translation person with ability for U.N. , around in all 12 batches, 217 people, be in for the most part among them the U.N. orgnaization of and other places of new York, Geneva holds a post. Their professional skill and expression got U.N. respect reputably. They are during domestic work, many people ever held the position of an interpreter for party and national leader for many times. Interpret example ministry still is domestic Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of finance, culture do outside ministry and Shanghai, do outside Chongqing wait for an unit personnel of interpreter of Dai Peigao class makes an appointment with 30 people.

1994, interpret example ministry begins the nominal recruit students with advanced interpreter institute, master's degree grants right, develop person with ability of advanced oral interpretation for home. Of short duration sets English a language. Up to 2006, already 7 is approve in all 165 students finish school obtains degree.
1996 to 1998, the dragoman that advanced interpreter institute is government of Hong Kong special zone 3 years continuously 3 batches in all 24 people come my school attend in a advanced studies is offerred convenient, organized oral interpretation education and communication for them.

Develop a target: This academy develops talent of English-Chinese simultaneous interpretation and person with ability of written translation of other and advanced mouth, belong to use kind of graduate student. Graduate should hold the position of international conference simultaneous interpretation and file interpreter job, or assume a government sector advanced mouth written translation works.
Eductional systme: Two years. Exam achievement qualification passes paper answerer, award a foreign country linguistics and applied linguistics master's degree.

Curricular setting: English-Chinese passes interpret alternately, inspect interpret, simultaneous interpretation, written translation, interpreter to wait theoretically.
This academy recruits a new student every year through matriculation of countrywide graduate student 60 (among them at public expense 3, recommend 1, recommend to give birth to 9 at one's own expenses, at one's own expenses 47) . Examinee should have undergraduate course record of formal schooling, obtain bachelor's degree, major is not restricted. Sign up to be united with the whole nation with exam date enter oneself for an examination time is accurate. Recruit students general rules downloads

Dean: Wang Li professor
Contact an address: Beijing on the west road of 3 annulus north 2 16 mailbox
Zip code: 100089
Phone: (010)-88816386