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Harbin city bank ability Japanese institute
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Harbin city bank ability Japanese institute

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Address: Heilongjiang visits area of the hillock austral Harbin city on the west big straight market 151 (Harbin Institute of Technology Hart on square)
Phone: 0451-87550137
Fax: 0451-87550136
Mailbox: Bincai_hrb@126.com
Businessman network address Place classification: ? Vocational training? The foreign language grooms Product and company brief introduction, service company brief introduction: Bank ability Japanese institute is subject courtyard of scholarship of Yu Heilong Jiang Bin, founded 1994. The institute advocates hear of concept of banner practical Japanese education, draw lessons from the mode of Euramerican and advanced education of international popularity, combine the education advantage of native land tradition, complementary with measure of modern high-tech education, created brand-new it is with the person this human nature changes education pattern, condition of core of the territory in striving to build best, equipment the Japanese education base with the most unique kind of the most advanced, education, make with all one's strength provincial and even the whole nation's most well-known education trademark. Product and service: Japanese grooms