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School of Beijing new east
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School of Beijing new east

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Address: The street in Haidian of Beijing Haidian area 6
Postcode: 100080
Phone: 010-82611818 010-62605858
Fax: 010-62653855
Mailbox: Zixun@staff.neworiental.org
Businessman network address
Curricular catalog Place classification: ? The foreign language grooms Product and company brief introduction, service company brief introduction: New east teachs group of science and technology to development of new Oriental school expands and come by the Beijing that held water on November 16, 1993, at present the group grooms with the foreign language and fundamental education is core, have short-term groom system of system, higher education system, fundamental education system, professional education system, educational research and development, go abroad the many development platform such as system of advisory system, culture industry system, industry of science and technology, it is education of a collect grooms, sound of records of educational research and development, books resembles publishing, go abroad study abroad the group of science and technology of large omnibus education that research and development of software of education of service, profession, online education, education is equal to an organic whole. Product and service: Groom the project includes: TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, TSE, LSAT, IELTS, BEC, hold course of study, 4 class, 6 class in the palm, one's deceased father grind grade of English, title English, communal English takes an exam (PETS) , English teachs high take an examination of oneself groom, American spoken language, " new idea English " .