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Institute of Sichuan foreign language
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Institute of Sichuan foreign language (Sichuan International Studies University) abbreviation " plain outside " (SISU) , it is our country southwest exclusive a foreign language is advanced institution of higher learning, be located in happy the foot of a mountain of fine hill river bank, song, the environment is quiet and tastefully laid out, the picture is pretty, it is the gardens type unit that government of Chongqing city people names.
Institute of Sichuan foreign language is a foreign language institution of higher learing that has glorious revolution tradition, be come in Zhou En, found to rise with development below the kind consideration of the revolutionist of older generation proletariat such as Deng Xiaoping, Liu Baicheng and guidance. Institute only then built in April 1950, predecessor is group of training of Russian of university of stratocracy of southwest of the Chinese People's Liberation Army. On May 4, 1953 more the name is southwest Russian schools, may 1959, extend is institute of Sichuan foreign language, guo Mei is like holograph inscribe " institute of Sichuan foreign language " school name, continue to use up to now.

Expand through development of more than 50 years, institute of Sichuan foreign language already was become from development of original and single school of Russian specialized subject have Russia, flower, language and the law such as law, heart, day, Spain, Arabia, Korea, news learns, external Chinese, advertisement learns, the many language such as travel management, Chinese, , include graduate student and education of education of this specialized subject education, advanced profession skill, adult and aggrandizement to groom the foreign language university that waits for polymorphous type, mutiple level education. The institute sets science of culture of language of Russian, English, English, French, German, Japanese, spanish, society and Chinese 9 departments, institute of institute of communication of culture of business school of law of nations, international, advanced profession technology, adult teachs a college institute of 4 2 class, chengdu institute, southern interpreter institute becomes independent 2 times institute. Graduate student ministry has more than 20 years of graduate students to teach experience, have literature of language of literature of language of Russian language literature, English language literature, French language literature, German, Japanese, compare literature of literature and world, foreign language character learns to reach 7 Master degree programs such as applied linguistics, among them English language literature and Russian language literature are course of Chongqing city key. The institute still sets people assigned aborad of directly under of ministry of student studying abroad, Ministry of Education to groom ministry and foreign trade of Electromechanical of the State Council groom center, have " TOEFL " , " elegant think of " , " GRE " , " TOPE " , dot of exam of level of state of order and degree of interpreter qualification, computer and foreign language of Chongqing city cadre groom dot.
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