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The capacity that translator should have
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Think commonly, translator wants be proficient in at least two kinds of languages, but this is far insufficient still. Want to become a competent translator, still must be familiar with two kinds of culture, ' of such implication of ability sense ' . Translator should the content of intended reservation in can comprehending primitive text, come out their appropriate ground in the expression in translation. Actually, a lot of translation are too expatiatory, because translator thinks they must primitive text every medium word or imply each times be without omit the earth's surface to amount to come out.
Although be in the process that masters a language, often must make a few mistakes, but the 2nd language or the 3rd language still can learn. However, absorb two kinds of culture must be personally on the scene, be influenced by what one constantly sees and hears. Also have a few competent translator nevertheless, the life in doing not have an opportunity to learn the country of the foreign language in place passes, consequently they must undertake a large number of reading. Of course, these people are exceptional only. Translate the translator of archaism character document technically, often face double adverse factor, the amount that is this kind of document and type are finite, 2 be cannot consult to the person that offers document.

Besides perfectness primitive and interpret language, translator often has the knowledge of one or more domain even, be like aeronautics, chemical, artificial intelligence, mechanical, accounting, law of nations, medicine or agronomy. These domains need competent interpreter, pay is more rich and generous also. Nevertheless some common and practical domains also need the professional knowledge that comparative, if the television maintains cookbook of manual, gust and building rules.
Say commonly, the administrative levels that gets education according to place can be opposite the professional knowledge of different level undertakes classified: (The knowledge that 1) most holder of the General Certificate of Education should master, be like commercial letter and bill of lading; (The knowledge that graduate of 2) most college should master; (The knowledge that the professional of specific domain should have 3) some.
However, normal education always does not measure reliable level of knowledge, teach level coast in the whole world especially when.
If transliteration does not have good writing the ability, content that knows two kinds of two kinds of languages, culture and understanding primitive text only is insufficient still. Tell on certain level, writing skill is OK churchly, but should write clarity is fluently, still need special talent. If translator is engaged in lyric song, novel, Thespian, common essay technically of purpose,this kind of literature is translated stylisticly. Their oneself should be had control the ability of this kind of discourse.
Writing ability can divide for 3 administrative levels: (1) can write clear and coherent and decent letter, effective press and individual record and narrate; (2) can write the technical paper of some major domain or technical article; (3) can write beautiful essay and poetry. Nevertheless, there also is some kind of danger here: The translator of certain and rich creativity, often do not satisfy at agreeing with the thought of former writer, and extortionary the person that force oneself viewpoint to original work.
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