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New-style transducer needs to see an opening only model translate automatically
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England " daily Post " reported a few days ago, american scientist is grinding send a kind of new-style transducer. Need to make corresponding mouth only model, transducer with respect to the meaning according to you, help your interpreter automatically become a foreign language.
Responsible transducer develops development, it is • of American scientist Allan Black and Shu Erci of tower Ni Ya • . The principle of transducer is very simple: When deformation of mouth of the conversation that become a person is changed, facial muscle and laryngeal meeting are affected, generate electronic signal thereby; Transducer carries collect electron signal just about, become its interpreter additionally one kind of language, change into sound.
Researcher says, once transducer develops a success, no matter talker comes from which country, transducer has method to translate his word into output of another kind of language.
Actually, there already was transducer to sell on the market at present. Talking person should stick electrode on the face only or on the neck, transducer but according to its facial sarcous changes, translate his word into another kind of language. However this kind of device has a very big drawback, talk namely the person must talk aloud, otherwise promiscuous not clear.
The research that Black and easy Er Ci pursue at present works, hope to solve this one difficult problem just about. Talking person needs to make a mouth only model, the transducer that they develop can identify these word group, complete expression gives the meaning of talking person.
Dr. Ci expresses Dan Shuer, once the accuracy of transducer is able to rise, will apply it in the life.