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The European Union aids financially first language to translate a project automa
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With message of dispatch net IT at present, the European Union faces one major problem, put in 23 kinds of languages in its member country namely, the interpreter of all and important file needs a powerful interpreter group, need pays fair price. Be aimed at this problem, the TC-Star project that funds by the European Union will consider and development gives a kind of new system, a kind of language that this system can accept it is translated into several kinds of different languages.

According to the indication of ICT statistic, TC-Star project is the first system that will develop in the light of free interpreter, but if allow this system can correct move; Need 3 kinds of crucial technologies:
The first: ASR(automatic language identifies equipment) ;
The 2nd: SLT(language translates equipment) ;
The 3rd: TTS(character changes speech equipment) .
However at present these 3 kinds of technologies are not newest and not be the most perfect. To make the output effect of every kinds of technology is best, TC-Star project combined several more perfect ASR and SLT system to be able to translate a the most perfect result in order to make, this system can make translate and be leadinged correctly have before relatively between different language very big rise.
However the requirement that at present this system can not satisfy the mankind completely, TC-Star statement: After several years, automatic transducer will appear in commerce, to in those days, they will open a source to this project.