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IT technology aids force corpus construction to lead industry of finance and ec
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Professional to the foreign language finish school before long, just enter some Mr Zhang that famous stockjobber is engaged in translating the job to tell, the terminology interpreter of industry of finance and economics is most the problem that invites him to headache, him what study background to having foreign literature only, often feel ability not equal to one's ambition to the interpreter of professional term.

This company is engaged in translating Mr Yang of management of the bag outside the job, also mirror to the reporter: The characteristic of oneself of industry of finance and economics makes accurate to the essence of the terminology interpreter appears particularly important. The interpreter job that go out is included outside, often forbid because of interpreter of terminology of finance and economics truly, or it is skimble-scamble, often do poorly done work over again, affect working progress and plan directly.

It is reported, business of industry of not little finance and economics is relying on bilingual corpus of oneself of IT technology work up, with will solve afore-mentioned traditional difficult problem. (bilingual corpus, in be being used actually of the language namely true has appeared bilingual language material, can be bilingual contrasting word, word, sentence, paragraph) , and the term library of artificial scrape up on traditional sense, both neither facilitates search, also go against classified recycle, and come true to be updated in time hard, be being washed out by the history gradually.

Business of industry of a lot of finance and economics is applying the CAT software that contains corpora to collect a system to handle interpreter project (CAT software, namely Computer Aided Translation, abbreviation CAT, can help translator complete interpreter work easily. Unlike before machine translation software, do not rely on the automatic interpreter of the computer, complete whole interpreter process below the person's participation however) , use an interpreter to remember a technology, the term that can appear in article of synchronous while the project undertakes extraction, after classics expert test and verify, form bilingual corpus by the classification such as industry, professional, utility. These bilingual corpuses embark in CAT software, can be in the recycle when project of the following interpreter undertakes.

When interpreter project undertakes, in the classification that CAT software will appoint from historical corpus, extraction history corpora undertakes replace and hinting, assist those who translate the task to finish. Conduce to the language changeover that realizes efficient essence to allow, can make sure term context is as unified, unified as historical data, with appoint document to unite wait for complex requirement. In translating the process that the project has, formation new corpora is in again in bringing into a corpus ceaselessly.
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