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Babylon translates a service to be opened freely to Chinese Internet user
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Telaweifu on August 5, 2008 report / new colorful connect /- - Babylon Ltd of company of supplier of banner online dictionary and interpreter solution, internet. Had rolled out a solution of free new-style and special interpreter for Chinese Internet user.

The interpreter that this one solution that rolls out to Chinese market will make every personal user of Chinese area can be enjoyed freely and use Babylon to become a variety of language interpret Chinese greatly serves. This solution of Babylon still includes full text translation, click a mouse to be able to be had.

This new interpreter pattern will make local Chinese partner, if be in China,website of banner search engine, content, Internet serves supplier and content cent to sell business to wait for the associated brand version that passes Babylon solution to offer free interpreter to serve to their Internet user and client.

In addition, babylon still will sell partnership business to offer advertisement battalion to control share to its cent, these advertisement will be mixed to search a result into the translation software by conformity in.

Nowadays, the Chinese Internet user that visits Babylon website every months exceeds 100 thousand. Should avoid those who expend a solution to roll out also will make these users can acquire this new software. Show level, babylon lock decided group of two big targets: The first group is a student, their number occupies Chinese Internet user 35% and urgent need resembles such Babylon service; The 2nd group is as close as western connection Chinese Internet user.

Oren Azulay of Babylon China controller expresses: We will put “ in Chinese Internet market mainly, because,this is Chinese Internet with the whole world the rapiddest rate develops, online user, china has become the network with the largest whole world to use a country. China is being opened to western world, because this needs can the support of close language chasm, just can span then culture difference and corporeal difference. ”Azulay expresses further: “ current world, can undertake with the foreign language communication is one of successful main factors. Can offer support to make to this domain Babylon times feeling hearten. ”

Babylon Ltd. Brief introduction

Babylon.com (TASE: BBYL) is an online dictionary and the banner supplier that translate a solution. Babylon.com user group the desktop setup that already had exceeding 50 million times.

The personal user that Babylon has faced 190 many nations and constituent work off accredit of many 200 software.
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