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Google interpreter logs onto IPhone to support tens of planting language
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Although at present product of great majority mobile phone had configured English-Chinese, Chinese-English two-way dictionary, appear nevertheless the need that this can not satisfy everybody completely. Recently, google company went to shift of product of the interpreter below its banner above malic IPhone mobile phone, IPhone appropriative Google translated plug-in unit to use online means likewise, support newest lexicon to update, it is the interpreter that goes up with the webpage more the service is same, at the same time support amounts to interpret of tens of planted language each other.

It is reported, the Google translator interface that faces IPhone to roll out is very neat, very easy begin, the each other interpret of basic vocabulary is very accurate, dependability is admirable, and long sentence although the interpreter cannot be accomplished 100 percent accurate, normally, but help us deal with average life term absolutely unchallenged.

The graph is: IPhone special Google is translated