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Japan rolls out speech mobile phone of automatic translation system changes body
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International is online report (reporter Wang Xiuge) the value that communicates between person and person is beyond question, but of the language differ to often can create an obstacle to communication. Be in especially Olympic Games such international is big on arena, the obstacle that overcomes a language to be illogical became a big task. Interpreter personnel is finite after all, if have a transducer that carries, too convenient. Actually, this is not a dream any more.

Information communication research organization of Japan (NICT) , bend uses up 20 old research achievement, rolled out “ speech a few days ago ” of automatic translation system. Download this system the mobile phone, after speaking to the mobile phone, the foreign language that has translated will be automatic broadcast from inside the mobile phone. At present this orgnaization development goes have English, Japanese, Chinese the mutual translation system of 3 kinds of languages. The part that this system has been in Japan begins experimental sex ground to provide a service for the client on the mobile phone.

During the Olympic Games, this orgnaization to examine the use effect of the product, also began a test in Beijing. When using this function, hand opportunity roams Japanese server, search relevant data, change again return a mobile phone for sound. Accordingly, need those who change several seconds to expect time. Researcher produced the machine like the takes screen similar game chance of a half book size, said to store in so small machine the information in all servers. If be being carried, need not roam through the mobile phone, finish interpreter job quickly. And, after what telling Japanese to be translated into Chinese, chinese character shows on preexistence screen, broadcast phonate news again. Meanwhile, by the Chinese after the interpreter, can be translated into Japanese once more, whether does content have with offerring the person that use to check an interpreter by accident.

In addition, this research organization returns the development that has a translation system to 17 kinds of languages of southeast Asia country. Henceforth, in Sino-Japanese article in the translation system, will pass the area information with more detailed reserve further, for instance name of the place name of Beijing, restaurant, trade name, will offer more human nature changes more meticulous language to translate a service.

Information communication research organization of Japan (NICT) is located in Japanese Tokyo, have 50 old histories. Started MASTAR newly this year to study a project, aim to carry the research of the speech language such as antonym sound, mechanical interpreter, will create at any time, everywhere, the environment that communicates with the anybody, freedom that talks about anything.