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The market that holds an interpreter is characteristic
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The interpreter enters the market, gifted its market is characteristic, its interpret is tasted and serve to be used by the client, become the need of the mankind, society, market consequently. Accordingly, we are engaged in an interpreter, be about to consider and master its market character, develop better thereby for the society, function that serves for the market. The article tries from 2007 case of interpreter of conference of colonel of Shanghai world special Olympic Games explores the sex of effectiveness for a given period of time that in be being translated in society and market to run, shows, responsibility and user satisfaction to spend wait for character of 3 big markets and its action.

Sex of effectiveness for a given period of time is the element that the market competes. Go inside definitive time interpret is over interpret is good quite the file data of information content, can demonstrate the efficiency that translates an enterprise and ability most. Especially to dynamic information data, exceeded time limit, although interpret is over to already also disabled, without vendibility.

Responsibility, concentration reflected dragoman character and morals and business sincere letter, it is the manner that treats an interpreter actually. Interpreter domain appears so much inferior interpret is tasted, it is irresponsible behavior be caused by. Translating quality is the mainest factor that measures responsibility.

User satisfaction is spent and approbate spending is the only standard that interpret is tasted and serves quality to maintain. The interpreter blends in the market, the key depends on applying, depend on an user accept. What have an user only is true approbate, ability reflects society and vendibility, just also can reflect the value of translator truly.

Self-evident, the character of 3 big markets that holds good translation translates an enterprise to be since the competition ability of the market, brand and credit to promotion crucial action. An interpreter enterprise regards the responsibility of the responsibility to the user, social responsibility, market as lifetime life, also achieved quality truly the first, client the first.

The article comes from: Chinese net (author: Chen Zhongliang, science and technology of Shanghai of week large bamboo hat translates a society)