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Sino-Japanese interpreter education of China and interpreter are carried out
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The article tries to translate a class with respect to university undergraduate course (include buccal written translation and simultaneous interpretation) the setting, meaning, target angle from theory and practice is done one time discuss, main from 3 kinds of classes model action and relation, different course interpreter standard and the control of schoolteaching method, and the problem that discovers in education undertakes treatise. How to reflect letter Da Ya in translating education? What kind of interpreter method should use according to different subject matter? If why handle metaphrase, free translation, add interpret, decrease interpret, instead interpret, Shi Yi, change interpret, pour interpret, compile, the cent interpret, concern that joins interpret to wait? Will undertake analytic study through a few example.

The article still will discuss the relation that how handles theory and practice in translating education, main contradiction and less important and contradictory relation, the relation of mother tongue and foreign language, day the relation of interpret Chinese and Chinese interpret day, and oral interpretation, written translation and the concern that express together. Additional, the problem that in translating education at present, exists also wants to do analyse is mixed 1:0 look into.

Ministry of Education promulgates " outline of education of level of high year of major of Japanese of institution of higher learing " regulation: This course should adopt the interpreter practice with all sorts of stylistic articles, use interpreter theory and skill, the respect such as means, rhetorical method and punctuation mark is expressed in structure of acceptation, word order, syntactic form, sentence, canto structure, habit contrast Chinese day the difference of two kinds of languages, make the student masters fundamental skill of the interpreter, education student is engaged in the ability of day of day of interpret Chinese, Chinese interpret independently. This also is the basic principle that should follow in translating education.

The article comes from Chinese net (author: The 2nd foreign language of Pan Shoujun Beijing institute)