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Chinese scholar makes academic report on congress of interpreter of the 17th wor
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Mixed 5 days on August 4, in the 17th world interpreter congress makes public forum to go up, chinese interpret assist vice-chairman holds university of secretary-general Huang Youyi, Tsinghua concurrently to teach university of Luo Xuanmin, Macao to taught Zhang Meifang to do learning to report respectively, the wide attention of the person that be attended the meeting and reputably.
4 days afternoon, new was elected as the Huang Youyi that is vice-chairman of international interpret couplet to make a problem be on forum of center of area of Europe of international interpret couplet " interpreter quality and the responsibility that translate association " paper report. Huang Youyi with Chinese interpret assist for exemple, put forward to translate 4 when association is raising interpreter quality respect to should do main jobs: Drive build an interpreter market admittance system, build interpreter quality to evaluate the system, education that increases interpreter person with ability strength and strengthen interpreter industry to control oneself. Delegate attending the meeting takes an exam with respect to interpreter qualification of China and the respect such as interpreter market demand raises a question, huang Youyi one by one refers answer. European area center is the area center that international interpret couplet establishs the earliest, the purpose depends on association of unitive Europe each country, stimulative information is shared, discuss the issue of collective attention. Current, this center is being driven make unified European Union translate service standard.

Luo Xuanmin is taught with " what build China through translating compose is modernistic- - Liang Qichao's interpreter is politic a case research " give priority to a problem, discussed the main effect that in Chinese society transition period interpreter produces and influence and modernistic formation process. The academic report subject that Zhang Meifang teachs is " the interpreter that communal card shows " , the different social function that discussed different style content place to reflect, if provide information, state affection manner, appeal or appeal take action etc.

Chinese interpret assist submit a paper to this congress in all 19, 11 papers are recorded to choose by congress.

Current and public plenary meeting organizes a plenary session 2 times in all, 54 in group forum. The delegate of bound of many 800 interpreter that comes from world each district attends plenary meeting, the paper of 128 people is accepted by congress and made academic report among them, cross talent of service of technology of interpreter of interpreter of culture intercourse, literature, broadcast movie and TV, community and judicial interpreter, interpreter, translation, interpreter to groom, the translation problem of each domain such as oral interpretation undertook be discussinged deep.

(origin: China translates association)
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