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China translates association general and SDL company cooperation to begin those
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To drive a CAT (the conduct propaganda that CAT) technology translates an industry in China, gain ground and popularize, raise interpreter worker to use level and practice mastery of a skill or technique to translating those who assist technical tool, china translates association to signed an agreement with SDL International company recently, the person that face individual and organization to use jointly begins SDL TRADOS to translate auxiliary software to groom, exam and attestation. Both sides returns will collective accredit other orgnaization begins SDL TRADOS software to groom.

SDL TRADOS grooms, exam and attestation aim to develop the professional mastery of a skill or technique that translates technical tool with use SDL TRADOS of test and verify, offer outstanding control the proof of knowledge of SDL TRADOS software. Exam of SDL TRADOS attestation grooms will regard China as interpret assist the industry manages what the office approbates to groom, bring into the whole nation to translate professional competence (level) certificate hold person continue to teach a system. The person that obtain attestation will be regarded as to finish current continue to teach (or vocational training) .

SDL International is the world's banner global information management (GIM) solution supplier, software of its company level and the business system that take Wu and client to have are close together and compositive, management wears whole journey to arrive from creation all emission information, perforative and whole this locality is changed supply chain, the business software that to include the whole world such as Audi, Bayer, Best Western, Bosch, Canon, Deutsche Bank, Kodak, Microsoft, Morgan Stanley, Reuters and SAP famous transnational corporation provides GIM technological process or mandatory service. Its translate the month of portal website to visit a quantity to achieve 10 million person-time immediately. SDL sets many 50 branch in the whole world, service network covers 30 states (area) , more than 1000 professional are offerred for the client seek advice, carry out and the language serves.

Be about to know the detailed information of exam of concerned SDL TRADOS and attestation, ask a visit

(origin: China translates association)