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Shaanxi interpret assist will hold " western area interpreter theory and seminar
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The 18th world translates congress to will be in Shanghai to hold at coming 6 days on August 4, 2008, shaanxi interpret assist undertake interpreter of this conference “ and cross culture intercourse ” to divide forum. To promote and promote our country western health of area interpreter career develops, association of Shaanxi province interpreter and college of Xi'an grain industry draft at the last ten-day of a month in April 2008, “ is held in Xi'an western area interpreter theory and ” of seminar of foreign language teaching.

The theme of seminar is “ interpreter and cross culture intercourse ” . Meeting topic for discussion includes: (1) interpreter theory and practice; (2) culture of language of Chinese and Western is compared with the interpreter; (3) interpreter and research of foreign language education; (4) Sino-US, Sino-Japanese, medium communication of culture of Russia, Central Africa.

This second the seminar is western the learning grand meeting of area interpreter bound, will invite expert of countrywide famous interpreter, scholar to make thematic report at the appointed time, still hold group communication and individual speech at the same time. Join the person that meet to refer thesis topic, summary and keyword at email or fax are being passed before January 31, 2008 please. Session, the organizing committee will invite relevant expert to undertake evaluating to the paper, choose excellent paper by China western association of worker of interpreter of 13 provinces, city, municipality sponsors jointly " interpret encloseds ground for growing trees " and " round-the-world by the clump " 2008 before the bottom publish freely in succession.

The conference signs up to land Http://www.chsta.org/meeting.htm please.

(origin: China translates association)