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Delibrate of Macao of copolymerization of 4 ground scholar translates two sides
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To promote channel “ two sides the communication of 4 ground ” and collaboration, by Macao technical institute interpreter and cultural exchange research center are sponsorred, Taiwan complementary benevolence university interpreter institute and Tsinghua university foreign language are assist the “ that do 4 ground ’ translates two sides of ‘ of the 2nd channel with ” of cultural exchange seminar in November 2007 23 hold in Macao technical institute to 24 days.

The theme of this locality conference is the conformity of “ interpreter and cultural exchange and innovation ” , specific topic for discussion includes: One, interpreter theory research and innovation thinking; 2, interpreter, cross culture and interdisciplinary research; 3, society, culture, intercourse, language and interpreter zoology environment; 4, interpreter theory and interpreter practice research; 5, research of education of buccal written translation; 6, 4 ground ” translates channel “ two sides the current situation of the industry and development; 7, 4 ground ” translates channel “ two sides the foreground that academic group communication cooperates and trend.

This second delibrate can collect inland, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao interpreter academia more than 50 people of famous learned man. The seminar adopted “ to report / speech ” adds “ to comment on the kind that ” photograph ties to undertake. This the conference is to be on the foundation with first successful conference, the conference of the higher administrative levels that 4 ground ” translates the “ two sides that holds successfully again to research a field with cultural exchange theoretically, higher level.

Chinese interpret association grew assistant Huang Changji to attend the meeting on invitation, the current situation that translates an industry with “ China and development foreground ” make a speech to inscribed congress.

(origin: China translates association)