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Dozenth seminar of learning of interpreter of Chinese of nation of second whole
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In August 2007 7—11 day, by the country civilian appoint interpret of bureau of interpreter of Chinese of nation of culture propaganda department, China, China assist ethical Chinese translates committee to sponsor, heilongjiang is saved civilian appoint, what association of worker of Heilongjiang province interpreter undertakes is dozenth colloquium of learning of interpreter of Chinese of nation of second whole nation saves Harbin city to hold in Heilongjiang. 109 delegates of 21 19 languages that come from 13 province, city of countrywide, municipality and autonomous prefecture, nations attended colloquium, the pertinent question that translates theory and practice respect with respect to ethical Chinese undertakes be discussinged deep.

National civilian appoint Li Wenliang of full-time committee member, vice director of live abroad council, China translates Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan of countrywide the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference standing vice-chairman Tang Wen gives birth to association, chinese of nation of association of interpreter of director of bureau of interpreter of Chinese nation Chinese, China translates elder sister of committee chairman Wu Shui, heilongjiang saves governmental deputy secretary-general to the leader such as Zhao article city attends conference opening ceremony and speak. Attend the meeting still have Heilongjiang province civilian appoint, Chinese interpret assist committee of ethical Chinese interpreter is in Beijing the controller of each member unit. The conference receives each district to submit participating paper in all 105, judge a first prize finally via choosing 6 name, second-class award award of 18 name, third class 26.

Bencihui discusses the paper that the world translated congress “ nation to divide forum ” pair 2008 to collect, the relevant job such as mobile organization did key announce to upright. Interpret of nation of conference hope each district assist, civilian language appoint it is good to reach broad ethical Chinese to translate worker to cooperate ethical Chinese active and make concerted efforts, actively to translate committee to do the organization of ” of forum of cent of nation of “ of congress of interpreter of the 18th world arranges the job.

The worker of ethical Chinese interpreter of conference requirement whole nation should bring working enthusiasm, initiative and creativity into play adequately, play translates working bridge and bond action, publicize the theory of the party, guiding principle, policy in time to minority and ethical region, transmission science and technology and advanced culture, establish service of socialistic harmony society for compose, the “ that receives a party with outstanding achievement of seventeen big ” hold.
(origin: China translates association)

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