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Translate global culture: Move toward seminar of interdisciplinary the academic
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Fasten by Tsinghua university foreign language and compare literature and combination of culture research center to initiate sponsorred “ to translate global culture: The ” of seminar of the academic international that propose form with interdisciplinary trend in August 2006 12—14 day is held in Beijing, assist do an unit to be international literature theory the unit such as research center of Asia of university of society, Tsinghua and research center of humane studies of American Washington university and international scholar academy. Nearly 100 formal delegates attended the area of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan of more than 10 countries that come from area of and other places of Europe, North America, Sino-US, Asia, Australia and China seminar. Tsinghua vice-chancellor thanks peace keeping to teach a delegate to sponsor an unit to deliver welcoming speech on the opening ceremony. Session, large quantities of one international culture theory, interpreter theory and the authoritative expert learned man that compare literary research domain (include international literature theory to learn bay of be stranded of university of art of chairman, United States and academician of academy of sciences, California to divide Jiao Jie to give professor Xilisi • art of Miller, United States and, " the world compares literature to comment on " (Neohelicon) " international English literature is commented on " (ARIEL) , " perspective: The interpreter learns to consider " (Perspectives: Studies In Translatology) , " pluralism " (Diversity) , " multivariate culture speech magazine " (Journal Of Multicultural Discourse) , " weak Jiang Ping is talked " (Tamkang Review) etc) come round to go to meeting and Chinese scholar to have a conversation. Handpick English paper will be chosen respectively after the meeting hair at afore-mentioned journals, publish collect articles into a volume by Euramerican and famous publishing house.

The total subject that Bencihui discusses translates global culture ” for “ , this has been been opposite actually before of narrow sense constrained at the chivalrous “ of the changeover between the language interpreter ” undertook redefine, state what its extend pair of different culture even, illuminate and emersion. Because of this with respect to this one trend character, the times in globalization did not lose the interpreter's function to become more and more outstanding instead not only, any methods cannot replace other its intermediary action between different culture. A lot of scholars point out, culture interpreter had the main effect that the society changes even on the history. On contemporary China history, of culture and literature modernistic pass interpreter of this kind of culture to come true namely greatly. And be in current the times of this globalization, although strong position of English still exists, but of Chinese gain ground to had healed with the cosmopolitan feature of Chinese culture beneficial showed come out, the outstanding product that because this culture is translated,also should change to a China culture mainly translates a whole world. Although the working language that Bencihui views is English, but the scholar that attend the meeting still thinks, in prospective days, should master Chinese by more people, so that make finally,Chinese also calls a kind of when international learning communicates important language.
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