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"Zhejiang saves first college to translate teaching seminar " in Hangzhou hold
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By Zhejiang the province translates institute of foreign language of university of association, Zhejiang and interpreter of foreign language institute to learn city of institute, Hangzhou to translate association, Zhejiang to translate a net (Www.zjfyw.com) initiates “ Zhejiang to save first college to translate teaching seminar ” jointly in January 2007 6—7 day is held in Hangzhou, come from Zhejiang university, Zhejiang industry university, Zhejiang Normal University, Ning Bo university, lukewarm state university provincial hall of construction of more than nearly 30 college and couplet of the division that save a company, province, Zhejiang is literary nearly 70 leaders such as press, higher education press and famous expert scholar were attended.

The conference learns institute director Professor Chen Gang to chair by interpreter of institute of Zhejiang university foreign language. The read out on the meeting Fan Jie of standing assistant dean makes the same score institute of Zhejiang university foreign language written speech of the professor, saved section chief of Xie Ligen of company division couplet to publish ebullient address by the Zhejiang that attend a meeting next, wish province interpret assist in the interpreter education, interpret learns to consider and be social service to go up to postpone great plan greatly. Zhejiang saves the professor in translating association chairman Guo to build to deliver open address. The new condition that Professor Guo summed up higher education to develop to in a popular style in the speech leaves the global question that broad interpreter teacher encounters in education, the problem of the 10 big fields that put forward to translate education to need delibrate. He is right be present teacher and province interpret assist prospective job expressed ardent hope. Xu Xihua taught Professor Chen Gang, institute of foreign language of stage state institute Professor Chen Caijie and college of Zhejiang grain industry to make a theme make a speech on the conference in the morning.

Afternoon in group delibrate, each expert and college youth teacher show level college to translate middling of quality of system of education current situation, education, interpreter, education to see the many sided problem such as difficulty undertook enthusiastic and extensive discussion.

Each delegate gathers together 7 days morning, part with respect to the group seminar 6 days afternoon choose delegate appears on the stage to make a speech, summary states the delibrate achievement of each group. On the meeting, teacher of a lot of experts, youth offerred critical and feasible proposal to translating education, all sorts of problems that pointed out at present interpreter education place exists and the way that will develop henceforth. Be in ever since in time of congress freedom speech, a lot of teachers make a speech eagerly, speak out freely, or the paper data that prepares according to oneself appears on the stage to demonstrate, share research fruit together with everybody, or appear on the stage chest of straight express bosom, communicative oneself are mixed to the understanding of interpreter education proposal. Finally, the association that save interpret grows Guo Jianzhong to teach a speech, summarize the experience that gains on current seminar and result. Seminar of this second interpreter teaching achieves complete success.
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