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Interpret of 3 ground China learns the 2nd two sides forum is held in Taipei
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Afterwards university of Shanghai foreign language is advanced in October 2005 interpret of 3 ground China learns first two sides that interpreter institute holds successfully after forum, in December 2006 14-15 day, interpret of 3 ground China learns the 2nd two sides forum is in Taiwan complementary benevolence the university is held. Come from Taiwan teacher of institute of each college interpreter and the controller that translate a project, interpreter and graduate student, and come from university of Beijing foreign language university of advanced interpreter institute, Shanghai foreign language is advanced university of foreign trade of foreign language of interpreter institute, Guangdong is advanced institute of foreign language of interpreter institute, Sichuan is advanced interpreter institute, external institute of English of economic commerce university translates university of Chinese of department, Hong Kong is meet with Hong Kong dip university.

Complementary benevolence prexy of university foreign language Professor Kang Shilin chaired an opening ceremony and deliver a speech. Health dean reviews, complementary benevolence the university offerred interpreter item 1986, because many at that time international conference needs advanced mouth interpreter, taiwan is badly in need of him fostering advanced oral interpretation. Through effort of 20 years, education gives talented person of a batch of advanced interpreters, include Taiwan is not little now the interpreter teacher that the college teachs, active the advanced oral interpretation on international conference, they are fostered.

Representing go out in speech middle finger, this century interpret learns most the field that gets attention is in big China area, because here economy development is rapid, dragoman demand is big, translate this industry to be approbated by the society already success will come when conditions are ripe. China interpret learned forum to provide a platform to everybody, make 3 ground translate two sides the administrative layer of education orgnaization can in all business a major programme of lasting importance, communication translates the concept of education and experience, the topic of collective attention spreads out development discussion, if translate professional curricular setting, teaching material to write, means of education of persons qualified to teach, education spread out discuss, reach a few consensus, allocate area resource, form library of a resource, include persons qualified to teach, data to wait a moment, resource shares everybody, with period the distance of contractible interpreter education and demand of choose and employ persons, the talent that makes education goes can serve directly at translating the market.

Come from two sides the education concept that the controller that courtyard of each school interpreter is 3 ground introduced respective unit and fundamental condition, it is current and OK to think in education, data and research project 3 respects strengthen cooperation. American Meng Telei translates decanal Bao Chuan of the institute to carry the professor suggests, the consideration joins international to translate school society, with world-famous interpreter the school increases communication, promote normative formation, a few common standards are formed on the base that gains consensus. The respect is shared to produce respective advantage in resource, whole raises article of China and foreign countries to translate the character of education. The controller that translates courtyard department each expresses in succession, they are willing to admit visit scholar or student, form the mechanism of teacher and graduate student exchange visits.
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