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New start new development
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Association is translated the 5th times in China the speech on countrywide secretary-general conference
Shandong province translates association secretary-general Li Yongsen

Each each leader, guest:

Very glad to attend this meeting, a moment ago heard the speech of a few leaders and expert, inspire, brotherly interpret assist a lot of good experience, good way is worth our study to draw lessons from. Can learn communication to translate business together with each elder, experts that translate a bound, discuss interpreter industry to develop, study draws lessons from brotherly interpret assist advanced experience, feel special honor, acknowledgment China interpret assist this offerred rare opportunity!

Suffer Shandong to save the commission of interpreter association, the working case that reports Shandong to save interpreter association near future to everybody here reachs the tentative plan that works to concerning.

Shandong province translates worker association to held water 1986, in Shandong university President Wu Fuheng guide below, in Chinese interpret assist support energetically below, solidarity saves interpreter worker to be in completely respective domain plod, open to the outside world for what save completely, communicated collaboration to make positive contribution. But as a result of a variety of reasons, interpret of period of time assist vigor drops somewhat, the position that opens big province littoral with Shandong very unworthily. Shandong opens to the outside world the new condition that accelerates development, raised new requirement to translating the job, in November 2005, come from complete province external affairs, outside classics, foreign trade, science and technology, education, publish the member that waits for company of industry and partial translation service to represent happy get-together Jinan, held province interpret assist congress of the 5th member. Congress votes passed Shandong to save the regulation with interpreter new association, the election arose new a board. Interpret of vice-chairman of Chinese interpreter association, China assist chairman of translation service committee Comrade Yin Chengdong is attended on invitation and made important speech. New regulation made clear Shandong interpret cooperation to be the property of organization of society of sex of technicality, industry; The name translates association by province of original Shandong of instead of interpreter worker association; The main job content of association also is given priority to by former interpreter teacher and student, academic research to the interpreter practice, application, academic research reachs industry government the domain develops and outspread; Interpret assist member composition also develops to pursue interpreter and interpreter job from original interpreter group relevant enterprise or business unit and individual; The director of association, standing director also increased relevant hall bureau, mechanism, interpreter to serve the branch related the as actual as the interpreter application such as the orgnaization and personnel on the foundation of foreign language school. Save interpret to facilitate assist the job henceforth, congress agrees consistently and save interpret certainly assist secretariat changes by institute of literature of Shandong university United States interpreter center runs outside setting Shandong to save. Relevant modificatory formalities is dealt with basically already end, better land was solved previously the personnel, funds, field, job problem that does not reach the designated position.
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