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Highest state of the interpreter is interpreter culture
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The diversity of culture is one of power that the mankind expands. In economic globalization of swift and violent development today, the collective attention of people of world each country to culture diversity, reveal an interpreter to be mixed in development of stimulative mankind civilization multivariate culture accrete in all the main effect in be in harmony.

The language is the carrier of culture, the diversity of culture cannot leave the diversification of the language. The the United Nations General Assembly already announced to was “ international language 2008 year ” . One man is in Song Puhuang of U.N. Educational total a secretary in charge of sth “2008 international language year middle finger of ” activity speech goes out, before a lot of challenge that will face a few years in human future, the language is crucial.

“ interpreter, gave different language same positional ” , international translates an allied chairman Bideru is to say, effective interpreter, can help more people experience more diversiform culture, see broader world. Accordingly, outstanding interpreter talent needs pair of native culture and culture of the other side to have thorough knowledge, have the capacity that crosses culture transmission. Because, what translator translates is a language not just, however culture.
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