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How to learn Japanese interpreter
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Japanese serves as a language, have its distinctive color. To a China, learn Japanese, having advantaged advantage, because of the meaning of a lot of Chinese characters in Japanese and Chinese close, the sound of the Chinese character is read also have the law, the sound of most Chinese character is read have only, after accumulating certain level so, see term of new Chinese character group, OK read smoothly numerates, beardless memory. But, also should realise clearly a bit, an any languages, want to have a good command of, need course tries hard assiduously to just can be accomplished.

Develop the interest of Japanese
The particular case that does not know each friend is how. My individual is to the interest of Japanese from what play Japan report plays (basically be family expenses machine) those who begin. Plant from the machine after SS include PS, DC, PS2 to wait a moment, have the game of dub, especially a few parts act game, although return much to be understood at that time not, but to the sort of dialect be familiar with and to Japanese itself familiar, dispute often has profit. More not bad than seeing day of play even, because below has Japanese subtitle of the standard, of course, had better be patience see caption. The dub game that I contact for the first time is the Langulisa on SS 3, I like that dub above very much. And day theatrical work is act of the character in writing more, what is if be not guessed without certain foundation,publishing a statement after all. See day of play namely again, GTO, beautiful beauty is unripe, 16 years old of brides, one kiss decides affection, straight sea teacher, be worth to look very much. I think, see these day theatrical work, want to learn the friend of Japanese again to going to Japan personally without the predestined relationship temporarily, will better fill on auxiliary culture this one class. Let you know, cruel elder brother of Japan likes to use ぉ れ , ぼ く professes, fair maidens use わ た し , let you need not be remembered painstakingly with respect to familiar to the ear can of detailed speak " の of た of ど う し " (how) " あ の … . . " (favour … . ) " な ぜ " (why ah) " り of も of つ of と of こ of う of ど う い " (how to plan? ) " の of る of て of し of な に を " (what are you doing! ) " と of っ of ょ of ち of こ れ は … . " (the likelihood is no good … . . ) " い of な of も of な ん で " (what thing also does not have) . The 3 song that hear Japanese namely, the song that has a lot of Japanese actually is very beautiful ablaze perhaps, for instance the theme song of EVA, a bit of Song Longzi's dream, the rain of cherry, theme song of Tokyo love story. Play words of song as far as possible, next the edge listens the edge learns, know the new word lane inside at least, elephant " る of め of the し that hold き in the arms " , " star (ほ し ) " , " 夢 (ゆ め ) " , " 輝 く (く of か が や ) " , " give meeting う " if these words learn entirely also be the money with not little brushstroke. And if a Japanese song is sung when meeting with the friend Jing of certain also skill 4.
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