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About translating a few big errors of the level
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1. English level = translates a level

When part-time job of to apply for a job is translated, always hear somebody to say step of him English X, english how how good, it is good to be like English, translate a level to be like high. If so, with respect to not need we this this interpreter, ask Bush directly, clinton comes to our China the interpreter went.

2. = of interpreter fixed number of year translates a level

The interpreter always has the cage of a fixed number of year when dragoman of company invite applications for a job now: Need XX year interpreter experience. Who knows this dragoman translated this XX after all in year how many thing, accumulated experience of how many interpreter. The individual thinks with the interpreter the capacity is measured a few more reasonable.

3. Level of Han Yiying of = of Ying Yihan level

English major is good at Han Yiying generally, the Ying Yihan of major of English of and rather than will be more professional than English a few stronger.

4. The interpreter studies horizontal = translates a level

Think record of formal schooling is taller generally socially now, interpreter level is higher, special if be an interpreter,professional Master graduates, translate a level it seems that the meeting is a lot of taller than undergraduate course, actually otherwise. Interpreter more emphasize particularly on practice, the on any account that the discretion of record of formal schooling can represent research level only just. And the good and bad are intermingled of present market of record of formal schooling, record of formal schooling of truly good interpreter not likely is particularly tall.

5. Oral interpretation translates horizontal = written translation to translate a level

Bypass is not English major not to talk, the quantity of graduate written translation of proposal English major is achieved 100 thousand later go attacking oral interpretation again.

6. Vocabulary = translates a level

Some day, a Jun Ting says I am an interpreter, ask me “ sesame seed how to ” says with English, I did not think Sesame temporarily this word, this gentleman face shows complacent scene, it is thus clear that you translate a level not how ah! ~
Indeed, oral interpretation needs to memorize a large number of words and commonly used sentence pattern, however good written translation is can find inside the shortest time optimal the interpreter that uses a word.

Last word:
What the article basically discusses is interpreter level of English, whether does other language also have the place that draw lessons from, unknown.
English is stratosphere it is an interpreter, and the purpose that learns English also is an interpreter, the bridge of communication is put up between two kinds of languages.
The English wind of compatriots had been blown 20 old, next prate on the whole nation talk about English especially, but who understands the real purpose that learns English is in truly again? Lamentable!
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