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Processing interpreter quality drops from why to make
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The bright daily March 17 was published " audition season Mr Xianlin talks about an interpreter " one article. Season is old the view that the kind that with answering Mr Li Jingduan asks translated a few problems that the bound exists to publish his seriously at present, I think this ponders over the problem that translates a bound to be able to have not small inspiration and help further to everybody, I myself venture to also want to express a bit superficial view at this point.   
Current, interpreter quality drops can saying is a concern making a person, the outstanding issue that is feel terribly worried making a person even.   
Season often is when a lot of account that mentions generation of this one problem the germ that basically pointed out all directions face: Problem of problem of translator basic skill, interpreter profession morality, interpreter criticizes vacancy issue, and the press is scanty at guarding a pass problem. Right, the problem of face of this all directions is the essential sex problem that interpreter quality drops, everybody won't have any objection. But the most pressing now is to need to point out these problems not just, and more important is how to solve these problems, get effective check in order to make we translate the trend that quality drops truly. Season often says, this problem must concern “ sectional pool efforts administers ability be successful integratedly. ” from go up at all tell, this is right of course. But I feel in ” of “ integrated processing this catchword perhaps says to bit of concrete step should be thought up below the appeal, take out bit of specific measure, otherwise ” of this “ integrated processing still also is hanged in sky as always, nobody canal, nobody asks, what problem also is not solved, die without known cause again. Say impolitely, this is experience talked. So, where are the concrete step that I say and specific measure again? Answer: It is among us. See with mine, a lot of problem that translates in us concerns sectional ” to appeal with all sorts of means and way for many times for years to “ (it is loudly appeal to the public even) below the circumstance that cannot get reaction, we are forced earn one's own living, oneself liberate oneself. It is ourselves thinks find to solve a problem cut a point, will nod solid, perform an operation a dot. I feel this cuts a dot to be able to criticize a helper from the interpreter, the interpreter that solves season to often say first namely criticizes vacancy issue. It is easier that this thing makes photograph contrast, actualer also, get effective easily. And the government sector no matter, ourselves can be done. The mass organizations that I think of to we translate him worker organizes: Association of Chinese interpreter worker (drafting now incognito translate association for China) , namely the association that season often held the position of reputation chairman. Association of Chinese interpreter worker is the organization of top mass organizations that translates a bound, great prestige is enjoyed in interpret bound (I want to be able to resemble Chinese consumer society be in at least broad consumer in the heart in that way) , want it to act only, still can do some of business that has weight in interpret bound. Be known according to me, interpret of new a China assist the leader has ordered a plan to want some actions, among them a thing begins to consider establishing an expert to assess commission namely, and one of main tasks of this committee undertake translating criticism namely. The Judge “ ” that the committee member that the key is this committee must be the interpreter expert that cares our country truly enthusiasticly to translate a career and impartial and incorruptible. They want public figure of group of broad interpreter of unitive our country to let outstanding interpret make those who get answering having reveal only, establish good example, let inferior interpret make be condemned severely, everybody detest, the issue that I consider to translate quality to drop can begin to get somehow solve, then gets further improvement slowly. Be being begun because of what translate criticism is simple and upper raise not merely a few books and the issue that criticize a few books, each link that touch the interpreter is built however, it is the problem of interpreter basic skill that season often says above all, problem of interpreter profession morality and press guard a pass problem, also involve such as to translate the problem such as decide on awards through discussion of academic research, interpreter. This Yi Ke calls is pull one hair and use the whole body, get twice the result with half the effort.   
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