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English interpreter trains a method
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Metaphrase is a kind of important interpreter method, it has many advantages, can communicate textual sense for example, reflect textual style to wait. According to estimation, the sentence of about 70% should be handled with metaphrase method, metaphrase is so wide use for translator, of law of this shows metaphrase important. But, metaphrase has certain limitation. For example translation sometimes expatiatory and long-winded, obscure and difficult, cannot communicate textual sense correctly sometimes, sometimes even things go contrary to one's wishes. So, if ignore circumstance condition, disregard China and foreign countries the difference of two kinds of languages, go after metaphrase blindly, enter red light necessarily, enter an error, cause by accident interpret. Metaphrase has an error, it is the form because of the language and content, surface layer structure of the sentence and deep-seated meaning sometimes skimble-scamble; On the other hand, setting of history of culture of China and foreign countries is different, caused different thinking kind and different language to convey a form. Many people had criticized metaphrase hard interpret, had pointed out metaphrase has limitation, but metaphrase has what limitation after all, it is behaved in where. English metaphrase has 5 big errors at least, make clear these errors, be about to avoid a few mistakes in the interpreter, the place that can won't do in metaphrase uses free translation.

One, the metaphrase error in negative sentence pattern

There are a few different negative sentence patterns in English, among them a few sentence pattern cannot use metaphrase law completely to undertake an interpreter, otherwise, can cause by accident interpret, run in the opposite direction with original intention even, following a few kinds of negative sentence pattern are notable:

1.The part is negative sentence pattern, this kind of sentence pattern is different from the thinking form of Chinese.
I Do Not Know All Of Them.
By accident: To them I am not known.
: To them I am not each is known.
All The Answers Are Not Right.
By accident: All answers are incorrect.
: The answer is not completely right.
Every Body Wouldn't Like It.
By accident: Everybody won't like it.
: Not be the person on every can like it.

2.Onefold and negative medium partial sentence pattern
It Is A Long Lane That Had No Turning.
By accident: That is a long alley that did not bend.
: No matter how long alley also has curved place (the road has a turn surely, the thing has surely change) .
It Is A Wise Man That Never Makes Mistakes.
By accident: Clever person never makes a mistake.
: No matter how clever person also hard to avoid makes a mistake.
We Cannot Estimate The Value Of Modern Science Too Much.
By accident: We cannot estimate the value of modern science exorbitantly.
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