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Uygur girl language barrier treatment to help the Government requested the tran
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10-year-old Uighur girl suffering from severe illness Tsu-Huma, arrived from Xinjiang, Chongqing treatment. But let Southwest Hospital disaster has all the experts, patients and their families do not understand Chinese, in critical condition, and could not sign the consent form. Fortunately Shapingba District government sent a translator before the girls have a successful operation. Yesterday, the girl out of danger transfer the intensive care unit, his father Abdullah Sun Tours stiff the first time Chinese said: "Thank you!" It is understood, Tsu-Huma Ahmed teeth in Shule County of Xinjiang rural temperature Denktash on the third grade. Two years ago, she was diagnosed with liver cirrhosis local hospital, but the rule has been no improvement for two years. The help of the local Red Cross, September 29, Tsu-Huma Tours sun in his father accompanied Abdullah to the southwest hospital for treatment. Sun Tours Abdullah as Chinese is limited, since the hospital, doctors can only communicate through gestures and their condition. Month, after 5 consultations, doctors found Tsu-Huma is not suffering from cirrhosis of the liver, but a "constrictive pericarditis" and must as soon as surgery. November 8, thoracic surgeons to meet again to discuss the condition before surgery, this time, the experts encountered another problem, Tsu-Huma and their guardians do not understand the consent form, how to sign consent? In desperation, the hospital had to sand District Health Board for help. Sha Sha District Health Board to the Central Government to the report, after careful coordination, the city finally found a staff member of the Committee of Ethnic and Religious to come to translation. Explained in detail through translators, Tours Sun King Abdullah before the surgery consent form solemnly signed his name. The morning of November 9, Tsu-Huma doctors successfully conducted surgery. Yesterday, Tsu-Huma stable condition, transferred from the intensive care unit, general wards. Reporters in the ward to see her in good spirits, although did not understand what you are saying, but she always smile and say "thank you." After surgery, translators have been conveyed to the girl's father after note. Watching her daughter finally turned the corner, Tours Sun Dr Abdullah took the hand and kept in Chinese saying "thank you" and said the first sentence in Chinese: "Thank you for saving a child's life, you have worked hard a. "