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Shaanxi public signs in public places to regulate translation in English
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Shaanxi Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau has launched a "public place in the English translation of public signs norms" of the preparation of local standards to regulate public signs in public places of the "silent tour guide." Public Signs in public places is a graphic, color, text, or a combination of facilities, said the use of public places and directions, tips and guide people's behavior markers, known as a city of the "silent tour guide." However, many cities in Shaanxi Province in public places and key tourist attractions everywhere in public signs (logo, signs, menus, place names, road names, etc.) in English translation errors are many, not only failed to come to Shaanxi cultural exchange, trade talks and sightseeing the convenience of foreigners who travel, but added a lot of unnecessary trouble, and some even become an international joke. World Horticultural Exposition held in Xi'an, next year, the "silent tour guide," the specification is imminent. To this end, the Shaanxi Provincial Bureau of Quality Supervision has set up a tour of Xi'an International Studies University, Associate Dean and Associate Professor Wu Yong-Zhi, head of the "public places in the English translation of public signs specifications" series, the preparation of local standards working group, formally launched the the preparation of local standards. General standards include, road transport, tourist attractions, business services, culture, sports, education, finance, health, post and telecommunications, catering and snacks in 10 areas. Xi'an International Horticultural Exposition and closely linked to general rule, road traffic, tourist attractions, the first three criteria are completed has been prepared, plans 12 by the end of the implementation of the official release.