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Spanish translation of the National Qualification Examination Syllabus three tr
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Spanish translation of the national professional qualification (level) three-level examination syllabus translation One, General National Translation professional qualifications (level) exam in Spanish translation levels of examination and translation translation comprehensive ability test practice test. (A) of the purposes of examination Translation test practical ability of the candidate whether the level of quasi-professional translators. (B) of the basic requirements for examination 1. Master more than 6,000 Spanish words. 2. Basic grasp of Spanish grammar and expression habits. 3. Preliminary understanding of Spanish-speaking countries of China and the cultural background knowledge and basic international knowledge. 4. Generally difficult to translate the article, to grasp the thrust of the article, the basic translation is accurate, fluent expression. Second, the translation comprehensive ability (A) of the purposes of examination Test the candidate on the Spanish vocabulary, grammar, mastery, and reading comprehension, inference and interpretation, writing ability. (B) of the basic requirements for examination 1. Grasp the outline of the requirements of Spanish vocabulary. 2. Mastered the use of bilingual and be able to correct grammar. 3. Have a common style of the article in Spanish reading comprehension, reasoning and interpretation and writing skills. Third, translation practice (A) of the purposes of examination Bilingual translation test candidate's basic skills and abilities. (B) of the basic requirements for examination 1. Able to follow the basic principles of translation, the use of general translation skills, bilingual translation. 2. Faithful to the original translation, no serious translation error, missing translation. 3. Smooth translation, words about right. 4. Translation and expression without serious grammatical errors. 5. Chinese and Western translation speed of 300-400 per hour, West language words; Translation of Western speed of 200-300 characters per hour.