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Li Xiaopeng won the respect the players joked coach: his words to be translated
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No tears, only a trace of regret; not condemning, only full field burst of applause. Also in the Asian Games football project has been eliminated, the young Chinese team have been treated and the Chinese Olympic team exactly the opposite. Beijing Olympic Games, China's three major goals of a number of projects have made since the appointment of Marshal, Guo Shiqiang Men's, women's volleyball team Cai Bin, Gao Hongbo and the national football's Women's Li Xiaopeng. Today, Bin Cai Guo Shiqiang and has been retired, leaving Gao Hongbo in bankruptcy, while Li Xiaopeng soon after taking office, has called a model of three balls in the Young Marshal. After the match, Li Xiaopeng respect themselves when it comes to the age of 20 of these girls do not play now play well, praised the performance of each person they are very satisfied with yourself. A short press conference a few words, they can already demonstrated Li Xiaopeng led style. Does not meet training requirements, there is no good training allowed the state to play, it shows that he is; a Shandong dialect, training full field of laughter, team members say the words to be translated, said Li Xiaopeng, indicating that his team happy; Han Duan , Biyan not, dared to use a large number of "90", indicating that he did not superstitious big and veteran; adhere to the media his players well, have a bright future, which shows his ability to encourage young people. Clearly, these young Chinese team Li Xiaopeng, who rose in the irrigation outstanding young gardener, are thriving. Just in time, can be predicted that the Chinese women's football will return to the top of Asia.