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In case a foreigner to bring her boyfriend to do the census Translation
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The current census is in progress, rental Songgang the census area manager Ju-Fang Xie Several foreigners, she said, because of language barriers and speak the same language, the two sides can not communicate directly scratching her anxious. Touch Wall, and she suddenly thought of her boyfriend engaged in foreign trade Zhang, then took him, accompanied by the hard survey Xie Zhang fail to beat the sweet small, readily agreed to this door "drudgery." 8 pm last night, a small set of letters Xie and Zhang, knock the door of a residential building 9B, a dark complexion, "foreigners" look at the little puzzled Xie and her boyfriend. "Hello!" - A simple greeting in English after the finish, Zhang Fluent in English and "foreigners" to talk and stay in the side of a small thank carefully taking notes. After translation of about half an hour, a small Xieshun Li completed all the required information.