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Hebei Union University graduate next year the first move Translation
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Hebei University of Technology and former North China Coal Medical College, Hebei merger of Union University in 2011 admitted for the first translation of the National Master (MTI) degree graduate students. Hebei Union University with Master Translation Interpretation and translation in both directions, in 2010 the State Council Degree Committee approved 9 enrollment period. Master's Degree in Translation, which MasterofTrans  lationandInterpreting, referred to as MTI, in 2007 the State Council Academic Degrees Committee approved the implementation of the national professional degree education, the aim is to cultivate virtue, Intellectual and physical development, able to adapt to global economic integration and enhance the international competitiveness of countries, the need to meet the country's economic, cultural and social construction needs of the high-level, applied, professional translation and interpretation professionals.