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Interpreter personnel has what formal demand
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(1) advance preparation is sufficient. Translate job requirement clearly beforehand, understand relevant cultural background in time, if serve setting of characteristic of the language of the object, interest, culture to wait, still should understand the basic message such as working hours, place, if the condition allows, reach the spot ahead of schedule, familiar work environment and allocate concerned equipment.

(2) manner is serious and cordial. The manner is serious, ensure the interpreter's accuracy, not content of increase and decrease of do sth without authorization, or opinion of amid adulteration individual, make nice note to point of the talk of relevant personnel, speech. In encounter when did not hear clear part or having doubt, ask the other side to repeat, pay apology, cannot translate by subjective assume.

(3) holds to primary and secondary orderly. Must respect attendant functionary, strict obedience its leader. In formal talk, negotiation, divide advocate besides the person that talk about a person to reach its to appoint a speech, to the episode of other personnel, speech, after asking for a winner to talk about a person to agree only, ability can undertake an interpreter.

(4) waits for person comity to have degree. Be in with foreign when the personage is contacted, hold formal sense of property, if the other side puts forward program to plan the requirement beyond, want seasonable report superior, do sth without authorization of avoid by all means is promised or refuse.

If the other side expressed wrong view to dragoman alone, do not understand particular case and harmless premise to fall in the other side, ground of be practical and realistic makes specification or seasonable report superior to its.