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Idiomatic model classification and usage
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Idiomatic model “ sentence pattern calls ” on some books, be wait by character of substance of verb, auxiliary word, auxiliary, form give priority to the fixed combination that make, express some kind of meaning, also have certain and syntactic effect. Because here included the usage of a lot of habits and implication, understand hard from literal only, be necessary to learn the content of this respect technically. Understanding is idiomatic model, have very big effect to understanding sentential structure and implication.
Idiomatic model general component becomes 4 kinds, of all kinds and idiomatic model name, form, meaning and characteristic are as follows:
Idiomatic sentence pattern, be like: "- - も- - ば , - - も- - . " (- -- - , again- - . ) (- - also- - , also- - . )
" に of ー of タ of ン of セ of ー of ャ of カ ル チ comes る of い of も of Fu of owner of ば of れ of い of も of person of る person は , society, 専 . "
(the person that reachs culture center, (also) have professional personnel, (also) have housewife. )
This kind idiomatic model the characteristic is: Be in dispersedly different position of the sentence, see hard sometimes. If look not to come out, the sentence is translated very hard correct.
Decorate idiomatic model, be like: "- - と し て " (as- - ) , "- - か of か ど う " (whether- - ) , "- - て of に と っ " (to- - ) etc.
" lifetime of て of し of a と hangs の of illicit は society る of い of て of life 働 い . "
(a when I serve as a society, working hard. )
" は of か of う of ど of か of る of bright recently of が of king さ ん , illicit knows ら な い . "
(I do not know whether Xiaowang will come tomorrow. )
" it is important to answer の to try て of っ of と of に of 験 は , illicit, special に today で す . "
(this exam, very important to me. )
This kind idiomatic model the characteristic is: Be located in a sentence among, basically be like with a simple parts of words, want nevertheless attention and in front join means of the part.
Compensatory and idiomatic model, be like: "- - い of な of は of わ け で . " (be not- - , may not- - ) , "- - か も knows れ な い . " (perhaps- - ) , "- - い of な of ら of な of ば of な け れ . " (must- - ) etc.
" hard い of な of は of で of け of わ of る of れ of な of に of singer of が of も of て of っ of い of と of ら of し た か , whose で . "
(although ability, who be not to be able to become a singer. )
" も of か of る of bright recently of は of king さ ん knows れ な い . "