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Interpret of each other of commonly used and phrasal English-Chinese
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Love Me loving me, love My Dog.
Seeing Is Believing of it is better to see for oneself rather than to hear for many times.
More insufficient than going up, than next superabundant Worse Off Than Some, better Off Than Many; To Fall Short Of The Best, but Be Better Than The Worst
A Slow Sparrow Should Make An Early Start of clumsy birds have to start flying early-the slow need to start early.
Not the nocturnal White Night of Mian
Do not be fond of with content, not with personal Bei Not Pleased By External Gains, not Saddened By Personnal Losses
Spare No Effort; Go All Out; Do One's Best of do one's best
Do not hit hand in No Discord, no Concord.
Tear open east the wall fills on the west wall Rob Peter To Pay Paul
Demit is old see the New Year in Bid Farewell To The Old And Usher In The New; Ring Out The Old Year And Ring In The New
The important matter is changed small, bagatelle changed Try First To Make Their Mistake Sound Less Serious And Then To Reduce It To Nothing At All
Open horizon Open One's Eyes; Broaden One's Horizon; Be An Eye-opener greatly
Guo Taimin installs The Country Flourishes And People Live In Peace
Going Too Far Is As Bad As Not Going Far Enough; Beyond Is As Wrong As Falling Short; Too Much Is As Bad As Too Little of going too far as bad as not going far enough
Kongfu does not lose Everything Comes To Him Who Waits of a person with high aspirations and determination.
good the scar forgot to be fond of Once On Shore, one Prays No More
The favour does not go out, evil thing passes Good News Never Goes Beyond The Gate of a thousand li, while Bad News Spread Far And Wide.
Give birth to money Harmony Brings Wealth compatibly.
Live to be old, acquire old One Is Never Too Old To Learn.
Let Bygones Be Bygones of forgive sb's past misdeeds
Gold does not have pure gold, the person does not have perfect man Gold Can't Be Pure And Man Can't Be Perfect.
Treasures Fill The Home of treasures full hall
Hardheaded Be Down-to-earth
The foot steps on two boats Sit On The Fence
Of gentleman hand in the weak The Friendship Between Gentlemen Is As Pure As Crystal; A Hedge Between Keeps Friendship Green that be like water
Platitude, truism Cut And Dried, cliché
Courtesy Calls For Reciprocity of courtesy demands reciprocity.
Stay so that green hill is in, do not be afraid of do not have bavin to burn Where There Is Life, there Is Hope.
Success immediately upon arrival Achieve Immediate Victory; Win Instant Success
Gain both honor and money Gain In Both Fame And Wealth
Be Suddenly Enlightened of suddenly see the light
Do not become circumference Nothing Can Be Accomplished Without Norms Or Standards without custom.
On Festive Occasions More Than Ever One Thinks Of One's Dear Ones Far Away of on festive occasions more than ever we think of our dear ones far away. . It Is On The Festival Occasions When One Misses His Dear Most.
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