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Term of commonly used politics is translated
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“ of theory of Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought, Deng Xiaoping, Jiang Zemin represents ” 3 times serious thought
Marxism-Leninism, mao Zedong Thought, deng Xiao-ping Theory, jiang Zemin "Three Represent's" Important Thought

New Democracy revolution / / / New-democratic Revolution

Ethical independence and people are liberatedNational Independence And The Liberation Of The People

Economic system reform and political system are reformedReforms In The Economic And Political Structure

Socialistic system / / / Socialist System

The society changes / / / Social Transformation

Construction has the socialistic cause of Chinese characteristicThe Cause Of Building Socialism With Chinese Characteristics

Of the Chinese nation great reviveThe Great Rejuvenation Of The Chinese Nation

The party is in socialism is the basic theory of primary level, main line, basic creedThe Basic Theory, line And Program Of Our Party In The Primary Stage Of Socialism

Policy of reforming and opening / / / The Policies Of Reform And Opening To The Outside

Chinese Communist 11 3 in plenary meeting
The Third Plenary Session Of The 11th Central Committee Of The Communist Party Of China

Marxism political party / / / Marxist Political Party

Of the party the first (the 2nd, the 3rd) the leader is collective in the center of eraThe Collective Leadership Of The Party Central Committee Of The First (secondthird)generation

People democracy dictatorship / / / The People's Democratic Dictatorship

National economic system / / / National Economic System

Comprehensive national power / / / Aggregate National Strength

Gross domestic product / / / The Annual Gross Domestic Product(GDP)

The peaceful foreign policy that paddle one's own canoe / / / An Independent Foreign Policy Of Peace

Marxism fundamental is the same as China specific and real phase is united in wedlockThe Fundamental Principles Of Marxism With The Specific Situation In China

Strengthen and improve the construction of the party, enhance the creativity of the party, cohesive affinity and combat effectiveness ceaselessly, always the opportunity of survival of nurture party and vigorStrengthen And Improve Party Building, continuously Enhance The Creativity, rallying Power And Combat Capability Of The Party, and Always Maintain Its Vigor And Vitality

“ must represent the development of Chinese advanced productivity 3 times to ask namely on behalf of ” , represent the ongoing way of Chinese advanced culture, delegate China is the broadest prime increase of people, be our party establish a party this, those who be in office base, the source of force, it is our party stands in times front row from beginning to end, maintain the root of advanced sex to noumenon shows and ask at all.
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